Georgy Bezborodov
& Anastasia Zhuk
Fine Art Photography

Georgy Bezborodov
Photographer, digital artist, AI Artist

Photographer, member of the Union of Art-Photographers of Russia, adviser to the chairman of the Russian Ecological Society, member of the Russian Geographical Society, Russian Photo Club, co-founder of the Institute of Organic Agriculture, director of the marketing agency Time4brand.
Georgy Bezborodov
Photo by Uliana Skorniakova
Born December 27, 1971 in Moscow, Russia. In 1998 he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (Master of Urban Planning). For many years he worked as a creative director in advertising and branding. In 2020, he completed the MoMA / Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art course. Participates in exhibitions since 2016. Works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany. Georgy lives and works in Moscow, Russia and Antalya, Türkiye.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 "Mnemotheater", Museum of Contemporary Art ARTMUZA, St. Petersburg, Russia
2023 "Earthly City of Jerusalem", National Museum of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
2023 "Shotland II", Valentinovka Park, Korolev, Russia
2020 "Shotland", Whisky Rooms, Moscow, Russia

Group Exhibitions
2023 "Amor Fati", State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia
2023 “We and Music”, Platform Fest, Guslitsa Estate, Russia
2023 "Volga Triangle", National Art Gallery, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
2022 "New Energy", Art Maison, Moscow, Russia
2021 "Street Photography", Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain
2021 "Powerful Composition", BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2021 "Solo – Single Subject", FotoZA Gallery, Johannesburg, SAR
2021 "B&W Photographer Of The Year", Coningsby Gallery, London, UK
2021 "Our Amazing Planet", Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2021 "Portrait Photographer Of The Year", Art Delight Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2021 "Art of Photography", Almanaque fotográfica Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2019 "Street Photography", Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 "Minimalism", MIA Photo Fair, Milan, Italy
2019 "Dramatic B&W", Laurent Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2019 "Memorable portraits", Itsliquid/Palazzo ca' Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2019 "Borders", Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2019 "Mostly White", BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2019 "Mostly Black", BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 "Telling a Story", Contemporary art Ruhr (C.A.R.) Essen, Germany
2016 "Northern Beauty", National Geographic exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia

2022 35 Awards: "Top 20 theatrical photographer"
2022 35 Awards: "Top 50 reportage photographer"
2022 35 Awards: "Top 30 Rainy cities and streets photographer»
2022 35 Awards: "Top 100 Photo Project»
2021 35 Awards: "Top 20 concert photographer"
2021 35 Awards: "Top 100 motion photo"
2020 Siena Awards: "Creative Photographer of the Year, Shortlist"
2020 35 Awards: "Top 50 empty city streets photographer"
2019 35 Awards: "Top 50 concert photographer"

6X Glamor Magazine (USA), Aeroflot (Russia), Art of Nude (Russia), Art of Portrait (Russia), Artells (USA), Beautica (Canada), BeautyMute (France), Beneath Your Beauty (USA), BeTrend (SAR), Bliss (Italy), Bloom (Italy), CandyMag (India), Collaboration (USA), Conker Nature (UK), Dominante (France), Dreamy (USA), Edith (Canada), Elegant (USA), Ellas (Spain), ELLE (Russia), ELLE Décor (Russia), èrotiq Magazine (UK), Estimag (USA), ExAnima (USA), Figgi (Italy), Forbes (Russia), Fstoppers (USA), Hollyway Magazine (Japan), Ignite (USA), Izvestia (Russia), Kommersant (Russia), Lightwork (UK), Lo'Ammi (USA), Looker (Italy), Lorius (USA), Lovely (Spain), MakeSence (USA), Marika (USA), Mob (Canada), Photo VOGUE (Italy), Photohouse (Danmark), Proficient (USA), Quadro (Italy), Roosa (France), Russian Photo (Russia), S7 Magazine (Russia), Seasons Project (Russia), Selin (Netherlands), Sensuality (UK), StyleCruze (France), Taurus (USA), TeenCruze (USA), Timeout (Russia), Top Posters (USA), UAModels (USA), Untold (Greece), Vertiqlè (UK), Vigour (USA), Vous (Spain), VZSN (USA).

Council Member of the National Association of Photo Industry Professionals, Advisor to the Chairman of the Russian Ecological Society. Member of: Union of Art Photographers of Russia, Union of Wildlife Photographers of Russia, Russian Geographical Society.

Anastasia Zhuk
Stylist / Set Designer

Фотограф, член Союза Фотохудожников России, советник председателя Российского экологического общества, член Русского географического общества, клуба Росийское фото, сооснователь Института органического сельского хозяйства, директор маркетингового агентства Time4brand.
Born September 27, 1972 in Moscow, Russia. In 1994 she graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (Master of Architecture). For many years she worked as interior designer, creating exquisite interiors for wealthy and discerning clients. Anastasia lives and works in Moscow, Russia and Antalya, Türkiye.

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What people say

Svetlana Perotti, founder of the Perotti School of the Arts:
"In his compositions there is no concept, thoughtfulness, accuracy. And I like it terribly. Each photo has a spontaneous melody. Because intuitively you use spot and rhythm like notes. Therefore, an environment, atmosphere and pure wild emotion appear. And even, I'm not afraid to say that the plot is not so important. Be it the eyes, the instrument, the hands, or the dancer. Each of them is immersed in the environment that you mixed from light and dark, round, linear, sharp and foggy, sad and joyful, heavy and weightless. And all this is implicated and saturated with something global and cosmic. And still beautifully live together transparency and real texture. And in every spot there are a lot of you and your personal vibrations. It reads right away and so hard that goosebumps. In general, your photos are probably almost paintings, impressionism, such as Feshin. But there is something from Giotto, for me. With its soft line and intuitive almost random inner harmony. Where light and spot are like living experience. And there are no sharp boundaries."
Tutta, psychologist:
"Not often, frankly, I write letters of recommendation, because for me it is the same as taking responsibility for the results of someone's activity. For a perfectionist like me, it's very difficult to do. But in this case, I do it with pleasure and with absolute confidence in a brilliant result. Yes, I have not met with George, but I am in love with his talent as a photographer. He is a genius kissed by the God of photography. And if you want to see yourself through the eyes of God, to you - to him. This is the exact address, do not even hesitate! "

"It is very harmonious, in black and white photographs there is something that fascinates with its depth. My observation is that people with Venus in the twelfth house are often fond of the art of photography, choose unusual secluded places, details that are invisible to the ordinary eye, and the photos are very private, with some secrets, slightly strange. I dare to suggest that among them are good paparazzi, with good taste. I dare to hope, in the sense that they will not expose you in an ugly form.)) "
Lara, fashion and style expert:
"I'm very glad that you were once miraculously able to get into your shot. And get a series of wonderful shots! That's just how I love - real ones. Where even wrinkles are nice))) "

Irina, art collector:
"Wonderful deep work, strong, powerful, even unforgettable!"

Svetlana, model:
"What a lively photo !!! I want to be your model)))"

Olga, PR specialist:
"Are these photos yours???"