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Style is a set of constraints. We create everything necessary for the shooting of events, and then let everything flow as it flows. I shoot in a meditative state and when something interesting happens, I manage to press the button earlier than I think. I couldn’t do that before, it took some practice. The element of chance is very important — magic is difficult to predict, it can only be seen.

National Association for Genetic Safety
Presentation of the book "Encyclopedia of GMOs: myths and truth"

On February 12, 2020, the RIA Novosti press center hosted the presentation of the first Russian-language edition of the book “The Encyclopedia of GMOs: Myths and Truth”, which included a comprehensive and objective assessment of scientific research on the safety of GMOs.

Reaching the English-speaking audience of the book has reached more than half a million people. The authors of the press conference were speakers from the UK: Professor of Science Michael Antonio from King’s College of London, Master of Science and editor of the portal of the independent organization GMwatch, which opposes the promotion of the GMO industry, Claire Robinson and director of the OAGB Elena Sharoykina.

“The significance of this book is difficult to overestimate. The debate about the safety of GMOs has been going on for over 20 years and so far no consensus has been reached. On the one hand, we hear the marketing slogans of transnational giants about the benefits of GMOs and other modern biotechnologies, and on the other, we receive extremely disturbing evidence from independent scientists about the unpredictable and detrimental consequences of using GMOs for living organisms", said Elena Sharoykina.

“Without a doubt, Russia is able to produce enough food to feed its population, using agroecological farming methods, without GMOs. We hope that our book will help deal with the food and agricultural challenges the country faces,” said Claire Robinson.

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International Congress of Real Estate and Investment

Perotti School of Art
Opening of Grigory Kuznetsov's exhibition “Something from Life”

Seasons Projects
Exhibition "New Craft"

Seasons Projects

Center of Andrey Voznesensky
My Plisetskaya. Voznesensky New Year

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Event for partners

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Festival "Times and Eras"

Immortal Regiment, Moscow

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Women's Football League Championship

The 2018 World Cup was drawing near and football was slowly crawling into life, from where it was not expected. This segment of the story began with the fact that it is not known how Anastasia Raininskaya, the captain of the “Med-ved” team, appeared in my fb, which drew my attention to the Saturday games of the top female amateur league. It turned out to be much more fascinating than I expected — in general a different type of sight than usual: less pressure, but much more nuances, graceful movements, developing hair, and in general. I suspected that the "man's" game leaves its mark on everyone, but no, the players are very different: there are hard-cut short-cut, cute laughter, business ladies with steel eyes, girls-girls, but you can’t count all of them. Of the fans — loved ones, girlfriends, children, and even three staunch fans with fires, firecrackers, and in stone island, as it should be. It turned out to be interesting to take the ball as a reference point. If you drive a camera behind him, then his orange majesty is motionless, and around people are doing something of their own. Do not ask who scored how much to whom — I don’t know, I was too keen on the game ... Just not to get sick ... just not to get sick ...))

Georgy Bezborodov, art photo report.

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